Teen Review: “Ruin and Rising” by Leigh Bardugo

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In the third and final book of the Grisha Trilogy, Alina is trapped by the Apparat in the Underground Cathedral. Trapped far away from any light, Alina is powerless. She must escape above ground with her friends, but once she gets there, what will she do? The  Darkling has taken over the Palace, Nikolai is in hiding or possibly dead, and despite having obtained Morozova’s journal, his fire bird and third amplifier is still elusive. The worst part is that Alina now has some of the Darkling darkness in her. It is a superficial power, like making shadows jump, but it only goes to show just how similar the Darkling and Alina truly are. Can Alina defeat the Darkling with his lifetime’s worth of experience? And if it comes down to it, will she be willing to sacrifice everything? This last book had a bittersweet ending, but it did a nice job of wrapping things up.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

"Ruin and Rising" by Leigh Bardugo book cover

Thousand Oaks wishes all a Happy WHOliday

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Thousand Oaks teens threw a Doctor Who holiday party before their Christmas break. They made decorations (whoflakes and tardis ornaments), noshed on adipose pops and jelly babies, and made it a timey-wimey holiday hang out for sure.

[ See you guys next year! ]


{  we take our ornament  crafting so very serious :) }

WHOliday 12 (4)  { tiny tardis tree! } WHOliday 12 (7)WHOliday 12 (1) WHOliday 12 (23)

WHOliday 12 (13)

{ Tenth doctor is #1 }

{and a real live tardis of our very own }

WHOliday 12 (14)

Teen Review: “Siege and Storm” by Leigh Bardugo

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After all their efforts to escape in the first book of the Grisha series, Alina and Mal are taken back by the Darkling. His power has grown stronger, defying the laws of the natural world. The Darkling has a plan to use Mal to find a second Amplifier for Alina. This one is the mythical sea whip. The Darkling’s plans go awry when the notorious privateer’s ship they are on steals Alina and Mal away. Not only are the privateer’s actions surprising, but his hidden identity is, as well. With the help of this “privateer,” Alina decides to take control of the second army, all the Grisha who are left. Now that Alina is in charge, she is finding more and more similarities between herself and the Darkling. Can she save her country and resist the darkness that comes with so much power?

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

 "Siege and Storm" by Leigh Bardugo book cover

Mission Snow Globe craft

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Teen Review: “Scandal” by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur

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In the third book of “The Ivy” series, a mysterious author (The Ivy Insider) posts stories trashing Harvard’s different clubs on the Crimson’s Flyby blog. Callie, being a member of one of those clubs and comping for The Crimson, she is their number one suspect. She is now facing expulsion for something she didn’t do. In her numbered days at Harvard, Callie must find the Ivy Insider and clear her name. She knows Lexi must be involved, but how to prove it? Until she finds out who it is, everyone is a suspect. In this fourth and final book in the series, all of the loose ends are wrapped up. Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur may have ended the other three books with very cruel cliff hangers, but in the end, they pulled through with a wonderful ending to this exciting series.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

 "Scandal" by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur book cover

Mission Anime Club

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Today at anime club at mission library we had fun making little paper people and painted pokeballs as well as enjoy with nice anime theme songs and watching anime and dramas. A blast as always!
-Alena 16





Mission Turkey Treat

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Mission Teens created a tasty turkey treat the Tuesday before Thanksgiving!




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