Thousand Oaks Marshmallows & Mario

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At our first hangout since being on break, we had mario cart races and made marshmallow pops between competitions. Edible markers! Nom nom nom…..

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Teen Review: “Rivals” by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur

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Callie, having failed the last round of FM comping, has decided to move on to the Crimson. Since her BIG secret was published-on her terms-Callie has nothing more to fear from Lexi. Right? And in the spirit of fresh starts, Callie has finally chosen the boy for her, Clint. Even though I don’t think she totally knew what her options were, it doesn’t matter because Gregory has already moved on to the new, gorgeous transfer student, Alessandra. And even with Callie’s rocky relationship with Vanessa, her life seems to be in a much better place. But as Callie finds out, her life isn’t nearly as solid as she thought it would be. This third book in the series is just as suspenseful, sarcastic, and fun as the last two.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

"Rivals" by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur book cover

Mission Duck Tape Fashion

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Landa Teen Library Leadership Council agenda, 11/23

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Landa Library Teen Leadership Council

Agenda by Mathias K., 17 years,

  • Materials for dissolution demonstration on December 7th
    • Ms. Canales, what temperature does your hot plate go up to (in Celsius, please)
      • Answer: (Please fill this in for next week)
    • Glass beaker
    • Tongs for moving the beaker
    • Safety goggles, which we should have (Don’t panic; this is mostly redundant protection, which we probably will not actually need)
  • Ideas for Library Teen Room name?
    • Adolescent novels for adolescents in adolescence
    • Better love stories than Twilight
  • Ideas for December 14th fun day?
    • Monopoly Junior
    • Actual Monopoly?
    • Wii games?
    • Classics (Chess, Checkers)?
    • Game of Life?tllc

Teen Review: “Shadow and Bone” by Leigh Bardugo

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Alina Starkov has always been a scrawny, sickly looking girl who in no way is remarkable. She grew up an orphan with her one and only friend, Mal. Now much older, they are both in the army. Their regiment is sent across the Shadow Fold, a place filled with darkness. Not even thirty minutes in, they are attacked. At the last moment before she and Mal are taken, Alina’s dormant power is released, bringing light to this ruined place. Once back to safety, Alina is swept up into the care of the Grisha, powerful sorcerers, and taken to the royal court by their leader, the Darkling. Alina looks nothing like the beautiful, powerful Grisha, and she can’t believe that she is now one of them. How can this scrawny girl be the light that will wipe away the darkness and restore the kingdom? This book’s magical world is full of surprises.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

"Shadow and Bone" by Leigh Bardugo  book review

Landa Cool Teens Club: Our Little Cities

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On Wednesday the teens participated in a craft where we took sketches of cities, small mason jars, led candles, sharpies, and sheets of plastic (I forget the exact name for it, but it was basically a sheet of plastic) and we traced over the sketches onto the plastic. Once we had finished tracing, we carefully cut out the design, placed it into the mason jar, turned on the little led light, and violà! A fun little craft, it’s easy, fun, and looks absolutely beautiful. I have to say, it was hard at first, but then half way through I just kind of gave up trying to make mine look perfect, but shockingly enough mine turned out to look half way decent. Then we made popcorn in the popcorn maker, which was pretty fun, and one of the teens brought some video games, so we all sat around watching the people playing the games, it was a very fun night.

Written by Hannah Drummond, 17 years

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Zombie Prom: A night to dismember!

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Teens helped with Spooky Walk

Teens helped with Spooky Walk

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