Mission Bakes Microwave Mug Cakes

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We all had fun baking mug cakes tonight! We had the choice of making a yellow cake, which somehow tasted a lot like cheesecake, or peanut butter cake, which was our favorite. Why? Because it’s peanut butter!



We also had fun with the X-Box 360 because we just got a couple of new games.


Hollywood Glam Bash @ Parman

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Awesome popcorns-Siracha, lime & sesame, Bacon & Maple syrup & S’mores flavors! Image


Watermelon & Pineapple Agua FrescaImage

Working the Red CarpetImageImageImageImage

Some Guitar Hero Beatles Action!Image

Ms DeBow reluctantly poses on the red carpetImage

Arte Del Barrio

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ImageVanessa Canizales, 17, Cenrtal Library


As a requirement  for my senior year at Henry Ford Academy, I, along with the rest of my senior class, were given the task to find an internship in career  we were interested in. With in that internship we where to apply the design process, which in general meant finding a solution to a current problem in that field. Landing an internship with The Salvation Army, I got to work hand on hand with their senior citizens. With in that department were a handful of phenomenal artist who had never had an art exhibition of their own. Finding that problem lead me to take on the challenge of coordinating an art show for them.

As weeks progressed I continuously researched for available gallery spaces around the city along with organizing the artist and the potential work that would be shown. Finally settling in on The Movement Gallery, Owned by Southwest Workers Union at 1412 E. Commerce, I quickly got to work on making flyers and getting the word of the event out to the public.  As the big day approached,  a helpful friend of mine and I spent the whole morning curating and setting up the space for later that evening. With the both of us being students from an Art school we got to put our good eyes to use while setting up the art pieces, making sure the atmosphere let off a well balanced and organized vibe.

During the event of it’s self I put on a confident smile, and hosted the show. Doing this included making sure all the right things were in order and taken care of, along with welcoming guests and answering any questions that were relevant to the art exhibit it’s self.


Teen Review: “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War” by Max Brooks

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Starting with Patient Zero, the Zombie War spread through the world at incredible speeds. Governments didn’t believe at first, making everyone vulnerable. With infected organs being transplanted and infected people looking for a cure by traveling to different places, the virus spread, putting oblivious populations in a position with little to no hope. In a war against zombies, every time you lose a life, they gain one. So how did we survive and take back our home?  In this book, Max Brooks writes from the perspective of a survivor trying to put together a picture of the war through oral histories. He weaves a plot line from the interviews of key people to the average person, who all managed to live. Each one tells his/her own journey, but when their stories are all put together, it becomes the journey of our species. There may not be a Brad Pitt character in the book, but it is still a hauntingly plausible story.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

"World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War" by Max Brooks book cover


Lands Cool Teens National Library Week v blog

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Radio Teen Landa, Flora 16 years, interviewed Tracey Bennett, from the San Antonio Public Library Foundation as part of National Library Week. You can hear their podcast here. They even received Book Festival medals from the Foundation! Pictures by Lola, 14 years.


Landa cool teens club


Cross Epoch Manga Dub by Mission Teens

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After a quick poll it was decided that the favorite anime/manga of Mission teens is Pokemon followed by One Piece. With this information in mind we found a one-shot manga written by the original mangaka (authors) of two of our favorite titles, One Piece and Dragonball, featuring characters from both series. Then using Photoshop and two free programs, Audacity and Microsoft Movie Maker we brought the manga to life with our voices.

Remember to check out the manga and anime in the library for both titles!

Parman teens love their library!

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Because I can be unapologetically dorky!Image


Because there are so many different books! Image

Because there are so many fabulous activities!Image





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