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Radio Teen Landa, Flora 16 years, interviewed Tracey Bennett, from the San Antonio Public Library Foundation as part of National Library Week. You can hear her podcast here.

Landa cool teens club


Cross Epoch Manga Dub by Mission Teens

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After a quick poll it was decided that the favorite anime/manga of Mission teens is Pokemon followed by One Piece. With this information in mind we found a one-shot manga written by the original mangaka (authors) of two of our favorite titles, One Piece and Dragonball, featuring characters from both series. Then using Photoshop and two free programs, Audacity and Microsoft Movie Maker we brought the manga to life with our voices.

Remember to check out the manga and anime in the library for both titles!

Parman teens love their library!

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Because I can be unapologetically dorky!Image


Because there are so many different books! Image

Because there are so many fabulous activities!Image




Happy National Library Week from Igo Teens – Speech Bubbles

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We love libraries. We love San Antonio Public Libraries, but we love  Igo library the most!!!!

Just random teenagers  at Igo library sharing how the library influenced them.

Josh, 17

P1030320 P1030321 P1030325 P1030328 P1030330 P1030331

TLLC – National Library Week Speech Bubbles

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P1030786 P1030787 Landa Teen Library Leadership Council took time from their meeting to write their thoughts on National library Week. P1030788 P1030789 P1030790 P1030797

Teen Review: “The Burning Sky” by Sherry Thomas

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When Iolanthe Saebourne, an elemental mage, tries to fix a light elixir with lightning, her world is irrevocably changed. Prince Titus of Elberon has been waiting for that lighting strike for the better part of his life, ever since his mother saw a vision of that lightning strike being created by the greatest elemental mage of their generation. Titus has been waiting to find this mage, train him, and use their power to defeat the Bane. The only problem is that the Agents of Atlantis, a warring country ruled by the Bane, are always watching. Such an unusual occurrence is bound to draw their attention. The Bane collects elemental mages to keep his life span going. The greater the mage, the better, and no one before this had been thought to be able to bring down lightning. Iolanthe must go off, hiding with Prince Titus in the real world. Titus was unfortunately expecting a boy, so Iolanthe must disguise herself to fit in at his all-boys boarding school. Will the disguise work on Atlantis and, if so, can Titus and Iolanthe stop the never-dying Bane? This book was a fun fantasy read that makes me want to experience more of this new magical world.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

"The Burning Sky" by Sherry Thomas book cover


San Antonio Book Festival’s YA Authors

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The Second Annual San Antonio Book Festival this past weekend was cold but fun. I got to meet three YA authors. All three were incredibly pleasant people, and I enjoyed talking with them.

YA Panel










I took a picture with Sophie Jordan, the author of “Uninvited,” which I wrote about for this blog. She looked over the books I’ve reviewed so far, and she recommended some others I should read, like “Unwind” by Neal Shusterman.

Sophie Jordan













I also took a photo with Sherry Thomas, the author of “The Burning Sky,” who said her book was Harry Potter with cross dressing. I have to agree. Check out my review of her book next weekend.

Sherry Thomas













I also met Malin Alegria, author of the Border Town series, and I look forward to reading her books.

Malin Alegria













All in all, the San Antonio Book Festival was a success. I’m already looking forward to next year’s celebration of books and their authors.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17



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