Mission Day of the Dead Block Prints

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Since Day of The Dead is right around the corner, we made these unique block prints. We first spread ink out in a tray using a roller. Then, we used our blocks and rolled the ink over it, so we could place paper on the top. Once we placed the paper, we flipped over the block and used press block to firmly press the ink onto the paper. We used different colors for the different designs. The results were fantastic and beautiful! We had an amazing time making these wonderful prints.





Parman Teen book Display Rocket Boys!

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IMG_0895 Mayor Ivy’s Book Club display Rocket Boys!

Teen Review: “The Descendants” by Kaui Hart Hemmings

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This story follows the life of Matt King and his family. His adventurous wife, Joanie, is in the hospital, stuck in a coma after an unfortunate boating accident. Matt is stuck with the responsibility of handling his two daughters, Alex and Scotty. He was always the backup parent before and is now having to learn everything from scratch. On top of his personal life, Matt is facing the challenge of deciding what to do with the land in Hawaii that has been passed down through his family. The family is in need of the money, and the cousins are pushing to sell. Is it worth the money if it means the land their ancestors gave to them is torn apart and covered up in shopping centers? When Matt finds out that his wife will not be waking up from her coma and her living will states that she must be taken off of artificial life support, Matt, Scottie, Alex and Sid, Alex’s friend, go off on a journey to gather all those important to Joanie and to tell them in person of her situation. This book, though serious in subject matter, had several laugh-out-loud moments that kept it relatively light. I watched the movie without ever having known about the book until recently. I was in no way let down.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

 "The Descendants" by Kaui Hart Hemmings book cover

Drone Program

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Guess what we did today? We got to fly a drone using an IPad! Thanks to Ms. Caroline from Central Library, our teens went out into the large, open grassy area. Caroline taught us all how to fly the drones and in no time we were ready for take off! These drones recorded while we were flying it and we received some amazing footage. We all took turns flying it. We had an amazing and wonderful time flying these drones. This is definitely one of the best experiences ever! -Kajal15

Parman Teen Art

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This was a fun craft. IMG_0903



We decorated with permanent markers #6 plastic cups, melted them in the oven, then strung them on fishing line to hang in the windows. Very cool!

Teen Read Week: Turn Dreams Into Reality

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20141012_141342 20141012_142716 20141012_142633 20141012_142824Today, the Teen Leadership Council reviewed a set of 25 young adult novels and picked 10 to endorse (and potentially read). Endorsed are: Six Months Later, Teardrop, Wingman, The RithmatistShadow of Blackbirds, Splintered, Monument 14: Sky on Fire, The Eye of Minds, Eleanor & Park, and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

“I chose Monument 14: Sky on Fire because my friend just finished the book; she told me it’s really good and that it was something she thought I would really enjoy because I am into books like this. I think this book looks really good and I look forward to reading it.” -Rebecca

Ten Review: “The Ivy” by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur

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Once she’s in, Callie Andrews realizes that getting in to Harvard turns out to not be the hardest part. Being a sunshiny, California girl, Callie is in no way prepared for the cold, hard life at Harvard. Navigating the parties, secret clubs, prestigious students, and, you know, classes at this Ivy League school isn’t easy. Here, flip flops are only meant to be worn in the shower. Even without loads of money and a highborn background, Callie manages to have four guys all after her, which, despite how it sounds, could end up being more of a curse rather than a blessing. Can Callie survive? This witty book gave an interesting look into college life.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

"The Ivy" by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onure book cover


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