Bae, it’s cold outside! <3 from Landa Teens

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Landa teens have been arting it out with speedpaint (the coolest), celebrating the Day of the Dead, and keeping warm and festive making winter time waffles – and practicing our sweet dance moves.

What’s next?  pizza and tacos? forming a band? cat party??   Yes!  Maybe? Hope so!

Day of Dead 2017 (3)Day of Dead 2017 (1)  Day of Dead 2017 (4)Day of Dead 2017 (2)  winter waffles (3) - Copywinter waffles (6)winter waffles (7)

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November @ Encino

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November! Month of Thanksgiving, Oclulus Rifting, and slime……? WHY YES! Welcome to Encino Teen’s November. We kicked off the month with two *new* games in teen board gaming- Codenames and Risk Godstorm (basically an even harder version of regular risk with mythical lands and pantheons of different gods and goddesses… read INTENSE. In teen club we made the coolest shrinky dinks in our toaster oven and made not one, not two, but three (!!) batches of glittery slime. Great snacking was had by all with deliciousness like hot chocolate, sugar cookies with tons of frosting and sprinkles, plus lots of candy and sugary snacks. Anime club has continued watching awesome anime like Kino’s Journey and Mayou while also trying new snacks like seaweed (eww) and mochi (yum).

Teens turned out for the web slinging/cuteness of the new Spiderman movie where we had a deep discussion of the Marvel universe and its future movies. UMM the guardians of the galaxy might be helping the avengers soon?!?! CRAZINESS.

One of the final highlights of November was using the Oculus Rift for our last teen club. Teens tried out new roller coaster simulations, a face your fears program, and the classic dreamdeck VR to test out the awesomeness that is the rift.

There’s one more month in 2017! So come on out in December for holiday fun including our special program Festive Fairness on December 13th with our friends Fiesta Youth. Come make a LGBTQ-friendly ornament! PLUS one more day with the Oculus Rift on December 6th! See you in the Encino Teen Room! 🙂 ❤ Julia

Landa Teens – slime squared

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Landa teens slimed it again to make some, take some for the Landa Boo Halloween party. Aw, sweet.

Parman Teen Book Display: #metoo

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Schaefer Library Teens

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October at Schaefer Library was a madhouse of activity. Teens decorated their Teen Space for Halloween, made stuff with the 3D Printer, and took pumpkin decorating to new heights!

October @ Encino

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Encino Teens had a spooktacular October with tons of Halloween themed snacks, crafts, and watchable things. Teen Club was our most festive program with teens painting pumpkins, coloring calaveras, making perler bead witches, pumpkins, and cats, watching  It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (just as good as we remembered from childhood BTW) and making caramel apples. Plus we celebrate Teen Read Week by re-painting the stock poster and we like it a lottttttt more now.  Whew! So much holiday-ness! In other news anime club finished Overlord and Knight’s & Magic and started the simulcast of Kino’s Journey- the Beautiful World. Stay tuned for more about the last one—we’re really enjoying it so far.

Ever spent two hours on a game of Risk? Well Encino teens did this month in our monthly edition of Teen Board Gaming. World domination was sought by all and in the end we decided to carve up the world and each keep a piece (kinda fair right?- PS> I got Europe!). Finally, we watched Wonder Woman herself kick some bad guy butt on the big screen in our Teen Screen program and of course we had more super smash battles with friends cuz it’s our like our favorite video game.

Woah! I almost forgot! Check the last post to see how Encino teens seriously rocked it at our first annual Encino Cosplay Con!! It was the coolest seeing all of our amazing teens (plus a lot of new ones!) come out in their epic cosplays and battle in out in our lipsync competition and costume contest. Thank you to everyone who came out for this!

Join us in November for more exciting stuff including some web-flinging fun with Spider-Man:Homecoming, shrinky dink making, and lots of anime watching!  ❤ Julia

Parman Time Out @ Teen Time

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Return of the Yarnbirds!