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Today at the teen movie night we had some pretty interesting activities. We made ice cream and fake snow. We made the ice cream by putting all the ingredients in a ziploc bag and putting that bag into a bigger bag that contained ice and salt that freezes everything to create something pretty close to ice cream but not quite there. I did not see one successful batch of ice cream todayūüėā. The snow on the other hand was just baking soda and hair conditioner which was for the most part successful. The best part about it was that it made the entire room smell like coconut!! Over all it was a pretty successful teen night, and I’m looking forward to next weeks. Now, I have to go home and try and get all of these baking soda stains off of my pants.

– the Intern

Book Synopsis

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Book Synopsis by Lalo

“The people of this Earth have been taking advantage of what this planet has given them. Food, trees that give them oxygen, and the animals. Before humans came, plants would thrive without pollution. Now there is a big decrease in the Green. All different types of plants would grow without the beings of this world. Coffee beans, grape vines, vegetables, and even cotton plants would grow. Very shameful. No one would recycle anymore. No one would care. But it‚Äôs a loss for them. One little girl named Briar Thorn saw everything different, and saw life without humans. The possibilities would be limitless for the Green. She invested all her time into plants and knew she could shape the world to be a better place. The way she saw things were different than others. The people of this world did all they could to stop her. She would do anything for the Green and that means anything. But when she is put to the test, which questions her Green and her rotten belief for the plants.”

A synopsis of Lalo’s work-in-progress from Creative Writing Workshop. Join us Mondays, 5 pm at the Potranco Branch Library/ Mays Family YMCA.

A Night of No Stars

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By: Baala

It was a night of no stars, one would have thought of it as a brilliant view. For the wind had swayed the trees in an elegant dance. I did not notice as I ran through the forest, across silver puddles and gnarled roots, not daring to look back. It had been deadly silent‚Ķ Until, the wolves came. They attacked like a vicious storm. I dared to climb a tree, hoping those wolves couldn‚Äôt climb. Thankfully, they just snarled and growled at the base of the tree. I could feel my heart beating and I could hardly breathe. After the wolves had attacked, I was a bleeding mess. After what seemed like hours, the wolves spoke. ‚ÄúGive us what was lost forever,‚ÄĚ they rasped, and it was no accident that I knew what it was…

A synopsis of Baala’s work-in-progress from Creative Writing Workshop. Join us Mondays, 5 pm at the Potranco Branch Library/ Mays Family YMCA.

Parman Time Out @ Teen Time: Smoothies!

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Book Review: Dangerous Creatures Author: Kami Garcia

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Going into this book, I was expecting nothing less than an entertaining story about navigating the complexities and obstacles that come with having an overwhelming amount of power in a Caster-filled city, like New York.¬† The Beautiful Creatures series that comes before this spin-off series did an excellent job of representing those struggles, in addition to ensnaring all of our hearts with the ever-pleasing “love conquers all” theme.¬† Based off my knowledge of this new story’s main characters, I expected this book to be a charming tale of Link’s childish nature eventually reforming Ridley’s dark and manipulative Siren ways.

It was not what I expected.¬† It’s true that Link did win over Ridley’s heart, but at a high cost.¬† Ridley didn’t really ever change.¬† She used Link as little more than a pawn or collateral in her dealings in the Caster world.¬† Not to mention, the author does present new competition for her heart with the introduction of Lennox Gates, stereotypical playboy millionaire with a weakness for those famed cherry lollipops and golden eyes.¬† Despite what Nox could offer her, Ridley still chose to be with Link.¬† That, on its own, is enough to leave the reader heart-wrenched.¬† The twisted, confusing kind of love that Ridley and Link have for each other is so much more relatable and heartbreaking than what readers saw between Ethan and Lena.¬† It’s so much more real.

The group of friends assembled by Link in New York city rival the original group in Beautiful Creatures in terms of loyalty and creative problem-solving.¬† This new crew, however, outranks the original one as far as drama and deception, what with Floyd not-so-secretly being in love with Link, not to mention Necro using her talent for Nox’s purposes.¬† The main villain presented in this series presents a more dangerous threat than anything seen in this entire story so far. ¬†Silas Ravenwood is twisted and horrifying, even more so than his father, Abraham, whom he seeks to avenge. Silas’s quest for vengeance leads him straight to Link- one of his father’s murderer- and to Ridley, for whom he has every intention of capturing and experimenting on.

While the reader sees somewhat limited change in Ridley’s mindset, the reader does witness a true evolution of Nox’s character. Despite seeming stereotypical in character, he proves to be capable of overcoming his selfish ways, sacrificing everything, including his chance to be with Ridley, in order to spirit her and Link away, despite this fact almost guaranteeing his death at Silas’s hands. ¬†Link, too, undergoes a lot of character development throughout his journey. ¬†His one constant- his absolute faith in Ridley’s better nature- is tried and tested over and over and over again, but even when presented with Floyd’s affection, he continues to choose Ridley. ¬†Despite this, he becomes increasingly disenchanted with the Siren he thought he knew. ¬†He develops a greater understanding of what he is to her- a pawn- even as she begins to realize that he is actually so much more. ¬†Consequently, Link becomes more independent and develops a stronger personality whilst making friends and connections of his own.

The way this story ends cuts the reader to the core. ¬†The author presents the reader with the one thing that’s seemed entirely absent throughout this tale- hope. ¬†Hope for Ridley and Link’s relationship and for Ridley’s redemption. ¬†Then, in the very last pages, she rips it away in a swirl on emotion and fire. ¬†The ending appeals to its audience once again in a very realistic way by presenting the inevitability of fate, as Nox’s premonitions of the danger to Ridley’s life come true, even after his sacrifice. ¬†The hopelessness of the situation in almost reminiscent of the theme in¬†Beautiful Chaos– “the wheel of fate crushes us all.” ¬†This story is beautifully written with unapologetic honesty and riveting schemes and deception that makes the reader realize that perhaps it isn’t having power to manipulate the world that makes us such dangerous creatures, but rather, our ability to manipulate the hearts of those around us.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Read, Written, and Edited by: Scarlett Smith



Cooking camp!!

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Today we had cooking camp at the great northwest library. It was a very informational day because we learned all about how you can make really healthy foods that also taste good. The best part about the whole experience was THE SMELL!! It smelled so good because of the grilled onions and other vegetables. We made African couscous with raisins, peanuts, and a variety of spices. And a vegetable Tagine. I was pretty sceptical about eating them because I never tried them before but they were really good and I’m glad I tried it.

-the Intern

June @ Encino

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Hi from Encino library world! We had such an awesome month staring things off with our Summer Reading Kickoff Party with ninja balloon assassin, green screen photos, tons of gaming and pizza! 

Mondays this month were all about the Anime in (duh) Anime Club! Plus awesome snacks like SnoCones and smoothies to get us pumped for more episodes of Mob Psycho 100, Durarara, Torikno, Blood Blockade Battlefront, and My Hero Academia. 

We took our new Teen Tuesday program to the heights of DIY with plant pot decoupage, perler bead creations, and teen-made delicious food featuring dirt pudding and lazy smores bars. Teens took their cooking skills to the next level during a visit from Chef Justin of the San Antonio Food Bank. They made yummy Spanish food including gazpacho, paella, and sangria. 

Finally (last but not least!) Wednesdays this month featured two epic teen gaming sessions and a *new program* we call Teen Screen where we watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (cosplay encouraged!). 

Join us next month as we continue to cook around the world, watch a couple of new blockbuster movies, get our creative juices going with more crafts, and play so many more video games like our favorite super smash bros! ūüôā¬†