Parman Teen Book Review: “Saint Anything” by Sarah Dessen

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st anythingSaint Anything is the second novel I have read by Sarah Dessen, and further increased my admiration of the author. Dessen artfully captures issues that teenagers struggle with, whether that be petty daily problems like completing homework or deciding how to style ones hair or life-changing dilemmas. In Saint Anything, the protagonist Sydney has always lived in the shadow of her beautiful older brother, Peyton, until he became entangled with drugs and alcohol – an affair that ultimately resulted in Peyton injuring a boy while driving drunk, landing him in jail. Sydney’s parents are preoccupied with ensuring Peyton that he is not a monster who crippled a teenager and pretending as though everything is alright when it clearly is not. In the midst of this, Sydney struggles ti find her true identity with the help of new friends at a new high school, and discovers truths about her family that change her forever. Overall, Saint Anything is a novel with depth, but it is not nearly as sentimental or moving as some of Dessen’s other works. I would suggest this to any Sarah Dessen who wants to be moved but not to the point of tears, or to anyone who has not read a novel by Sarah Dessen yet, because Saint Anything is a great place to start!

Niraja, 17 Parman TLLC


SAPL Teens @ Mini Con

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Teens in cosplay helped SAPL represent at the San Japan/Nine Tails Mini-Mini Con. This is the third year for the anime convention and the first to include representation for the San Antonio Library.


Cosplay was rampant at the Mini Con. Here are a few favorite characters:

Teens kick back at the Con with some Cubee crafts.

Parman’s 5th Birthday Party

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Parman branch library celebrated its 5th birthday last Saturday, May 7, 2016. We had a day-long celebration with face-painting, balloon-making, button-making, puppet shows, photo op, outdoor art installation, and more. Parman teens stepped up to help that day and were integral to making the event a success. Here are some photos of that day:

Parman Teen Book Review: “Sisterhood of the traveling pants” by Ann Brashares

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sisterhoodLena, Bridget, Tibby, and Carmen have been friends for as long as they can remember. However, except for their fall birthdays, the four girls are as different as can be. Lena is an introverted beauty of Greek heritage; Bridget is a tall, fit soccer-player with gorgeous golden hair; Tibby is the “rebel” of the group, with her nose-piercing and disregard for her looks; and Carmen is the Puerto-Rican math whiz who hopes to get into a great college, following in her father’s footsteps. The girls had gotten accustomed to spending every summer with each other, although they attend different schools; this year, however, every girl has a different plan. Lena is going to Greece with her little sister Effie to visit their grandparents, Bridget is attending a soccer camp in California, Carmen is going to South Caroline to visit her father, and Tibby is staying at home and working at a local store. The girls decide to stay in touch by shipping a pair of jeans, known as the “magical pants” because they fit all the girls despite their various statures and shapes, to each other. In the end, this summer changes the girls in a way that none of them thought possible as they confront their greatest strengths, weaknesses, fears, and desires with only the Traveling Pants to accompany them. The only aspect of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants that I did not enjoy was the sudden changes in perspective in the middle of chapters. If one sentence was detailing Tibby’s experience at work, the next could be talking about Bridget at soccer camp – it is truly up to the reader to stay track of all the characters and their dilemmas. Overall, this book was a light, enjoyable read, and I plan on reading the next book in the series, The Second Summer of the Sisterhood.

Niraja, 17 Parman TLLC


Parman Teen Book Review: “Tell me three things” by Julie Buxbaum

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tell me three things

Jessie’s mother passed away about two years ago, and now her father has moved them to L.A. to live with a woman he met in an online bereavement group and married. Jessie is forced to leave behind the life she has known and loved in Chicago – including the small bedroom she has lived in forever, her best friend Scarlet, and memories of her mother – to move across the country and adjust to a new life with her stepmother, Rachel, and her son, Theo. Jessie feels like she does not fit in to the posh L.A. high school she attends where everyone wears branded clothes and drives expensive cars. To make things worse, Jessie has not made a single friend yet (since her stepbrother ignores her at school), and her father is too busy with Rachel and his own new life to pay attention to her. Then, a week after starting school, Jessie receives an anonymous email from someone by the alias “Somebody Nobody” who offers her advice regarding how to adjust to life in L.A. and listens to what she has to say. Although this plot may seem a little cheesy, this book is definitely worthwhile and has an amazing storyline to it. The mystery regarding who “Somebody Nobody” is also kept me really interested in the novel from the first page to the last. Jessie is a sweet, relatable character, and all the other characters and themes in Tell Me Three Things made this novel one of my favorites; I highly recommend this novel!

Niraja, 17 Parman TLLC


…Encino’s Poet-tree grew!

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Last month, we showed you the beginnings of our poet-tree for National Poetry Month at the Encino Branch Library. After getting it planted right in the front of our library, we gave it a few days to settle…and then…poetry started growing from the branches!

The tree first started to grow when we sat around and wrote down some poetry (both original and our favorite poems), and then attached our poetry to the branches.

Then, we invited the kids and tweens at Encino to also write some of their own poetry during their programs to add on the the tree! After all of that, we finally let the rest of the community (including adults!) to get in on the fun and contribute to our tree’s growth.

And by the end of the month, the poet-tree was full of poetry!!

Now that National Poetry Month is over, we had to chop down the tree…but stick around for the summer and see what else might grow up in our library!:)

Felt Animals 🐱

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image What we did last Tuesday for teen time was make cute little felt animals, even though most of the kids didn’t finish it was pretty awesome to see them making cool stuff and just having fun. This one is by far my favorite, because who doesn’t love cats? Catch us at the next teen time!! We’re doing clay crafts ✨✨

~ Cody Library 💕✨


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