Councilman Trevino at Landa Library

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Landa 2015 Mayor Ivy Visit to Landa

This Sunday, at Landa Library, I had the opportunity to meet with Councilman Roberto Trevino (District 1) and introduce myself. It was an event that I wish more had known about, seeing as Councilman Trevino has just been newly appointed, and Mayor Taylor was also there meeting people. I was able to talk to my councilman one-on-one, invite him to a San Antonio Youth Commission meeting, and even snap a picture with him. As I said before, it was a great opportunity to meet your political leaders of San Antonio and talk with them.


-Lola Carrola, 15

Meet the Mayor

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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet Mayor Ivy Taylor at Landa Library.  She met with San Antonio residents to discuss any concerns and to facilitate questions.  Councilman Trevino of District 1 was also present, meeting new people, as he is the recently appointed representative.  Mayor Taylor and I conversed about my involvement as her youth representative in the San Antonio Youth Commission and the plans for the annual Destination College Week (an event all high school students should attend).  It was a fantastic opportunity to finally meet Mayor Ivy Taylor and Councilman Trevino, and I look forward to hearing about City Council’s future plans for San Antonio.

-Madeline Carrola, 18

Landa 2015 Mayor Ivy Visit to Landa

Teen Review: “Unwind” by Neal Shusterman

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“Unwind” by Neal Shusterman

Unwind features a dystopian society in which unwanted teenagers are “unwinded”; that is, they are killed and their organs are donated to other members of society in which they continue to “live” in other people. The novel follows the paths of three teenagers who are sent to be unwinds: Risa, Connor, and Lev. Risa is a talented pianist of the State Ward, meaning that she is an orphan, and is issued to be unwinded for extra rooming in the Ward for younger children. Connor is a rebellious teenager who is too much of a troublemaker for his parents to handle; therefore, they decide to have him unwound. Lev is the youngest of the three, and he is a tithe. A tithe is a child that a family decides to donate to the community, somewhat like the Christian belief of almsgiving. When Risa and Connor are willing to go AWOL in order to survive, Lev believes that being unwound is his holy duty based on what his role model, Pastor Dan, has told him; he is basically the major problem of the novel. This sci-fi novel is very interesting and the first book in a series, and I recommend it for teens of all ages.

~Niraja, 15-Parman TLLC

Craft Night at Thousand Oaks

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Thousand Oaks Teens had a great time creating bendy people tonight, but even more fun was making a movie with them!

We made bendy people out of pipe cleaners, with beads and straws, then used them to create a short stop motion movie on the iPad.

Join us on Wednesdays, from 5 to 7 pm.

So. Much. Fun.

Dear ~Cheshire,

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In order to be stress free, you have to take things slow and also be organize if its possible. Take breaks once in awhile thru out the school time. There is nothing wrong on taking things slow, or have a few minutes of your own. Its just tells others that you are working hard.

Dont read alot all at the same time. In order to know what you are doing do it one by one. Read one page then stop. Once you stop write down on a journal about what you learn or know about that page. Once you got everything you need in the journal, continue on to the next page and repeat the previous steps. Do this for about an hour and you will be done for todays study session. If you want to study more, study as much as you want. Keep doing the study sessions everyday to get use to the new habit of studing.

Hope this works,


Dear Teen,

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In order for tour mom to buy you a robot batman, you ha e to be…

-A good teen

-Well behavior

-And try aski g your mom why she wont buy it for you.

Maybe she has a good reason to not buy for you. Maybe its expensive, maybe you are not behaving, who knows. Be patient.

“Good things happen for those who wait.”

Hope this works,


Dear M,

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Thank you for the letter, that inspires me to keep being my self and not let bad experiences bring me down.




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