Teen Haunted House at the Cody Library

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This evening, the teens at Cody had their first Haunted House program.


Teens gathered outside the door and waited for the program to start. As they waited, they were able to read the horrifying tale of Librarian Norma Bates.


Enter only if you dare…

Once the doors were opened, teens were greeted by a grim hallway full of mysterious creatures and frightening sights.


Follow the maze. You never know what you’ll find…

Teens were met by a skull which gives off a sinister glow.


Maybe a glowing skull…

And by a Grim Reaper with glowing eyes that shrieks and moves as the teens walk by. Although not pictured, the spider that jumps out at the teens as they walk by sent many chills down unsuspecting teens’ necks.


Or a haunting grim reaper

Lit by black lights, all things glow ethereally in the room, including a spider web with terrifying spiders.


Or spiders spinning a web just to trap you.

Teens peered through the dark, trying to catch a peep of the brains (cauliflower), eyeballs (grapes), and hearts (whole peeled tomatoes) they were feeling in the mystery boxes.


Reach in and feel the eyeballs, brains, and hearts on our grim mystery box table.

Once the teens had been sufficiently frightened, the lights were turned on so that they could paint mini pumpkins with glow-in-the-dark paint.


Paint some pumpkins.

And take photos with some Halloween props.


Take some pics with our photo booth props.

A spooky night was had by all. For some teens, this was their favorite program of the year! Now we can’t wait for the next Haunted House at the Cody Library.



Anime Night

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Candy Sushi Crazy! @great northwest library

Clay Calaveras 

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Teens at Mission Library created and decorated clay skulls for Hispanic Heritage Month. Teens used air dry clay to sculpt the skulls. Sharpie markers finished the look of the Calavera.  


Sugar Skulls @ Great Northwest

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Landa Teens

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September Highlights : working on the teen space, making emoji pillows, creating sculptures and the first meeting of the monthly meeting of the Landa Teens Can’t Cook Cooking Club. Good times!

Parman Teen Book Review: “Me before you” by JoJo Moyes

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Although Me Before You is a sweet, poignant novel that ponders the value of family, friends, and love, I still feel as though it is one of the most overrated books of all time. Personally, I’m quite cautious when reading a novel that is very popular, for I fear that I will not love it as much as everyone else. This is what happened with Me Before You. I love the messages the novel sends, from living life to the fullest and having no regrets to being independent while relying upon family and friends for aid and comfort. However, I feel as though these themes are hackneyed in literature, and I felt as though I was reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green all over again except in a different format. I liked how witty and charming Will could be, but Louisa – the protagonist – was just too dull and distant for my liking. I also felt as though Moyes’ writing style was drawn out unnecessarily, and it took me days to finish this novel because I would lose interest frequently. Also, even though the ending was touching, it didn’t move me to the point of tears; I’m actually one of the few readers out there who liked the ending, and felt satisfied enough with it that I don’t think I’ll be reading After You, the sequel to this novel, anytime soon. All in all, Me Before You just wasn’t for me, but I hope teens and adults who decide to give this novel a try will enjoy it more than I did.

Niraja 17, Parman TLLC

Super Smash Bros Tourney

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There was a Smash Bros Tournament at Thousand Oaks.  There were 12 contestants and the winner took home a $60 gift card bought by the friends of the library.  Elijah took home the prize by winning every round in this double elimination tournament.


Playing Smash Bros Melee while waiting for their game


The Finals! Elijah vs William


The Winner!!