Felt Animals 🐱

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image What we did last Tuesday for teen time was make cute little felt animals, even though most of the kids didn’t finish it was pretty awesome to see them making cool stuff and just having fun. This one is by far my favorite, because who doesn’t love cats? Catch us at the next teen time!! We’re doing clay crafts ✨✨

~ Cody Library 💕✨

Parman Teen Book Review: The Siren by Kiera Cass

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the sirenBeing a super-fan of the Selection series, I was really excited to know that Cass has released a novel separate from the series so I would have something to read while I avidly wait for the release of the fifth and final book in the Selection series, The Crown J. The Siren is similar to the Selection series because its protagonist is a teenage girl who is forced into a situation she does not wish to be in, and she is forced to make decisions that may or may not change her life forever, along with those around her. However, The Siren is also quite different because it includes mythology in it too. I love mythology, so this made Cass’s novel all the more interesting for me as I read the story of Kahlen, a girl whose life is changed forever when she is rescued from death by the Ocean. However, her life does not come without a price; she will be allowed to continue living as a human only after serving one hundred years of being a Siren for the Ocean – a girl whose deadly voice causes humans to drown themselves, humans that are the source of food for the Ocean. Essentially, Sirens are murderers, and Kahlen struggles with this truth as she ventures from her comfort zone to meet new people and form closer bonds with her Sisters. For all fans of Kiera Cass and those who are interested in trying out one of her novels for the first time, The Siren is a great read about friendship, love, and family.

Niraja, 17 Parman TLLC


Sour Patch Grapes

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Want to know a super simple and super quick treat that you can make at home? Drum roll, please… how about… Sour Patch Grapes?!

That’s what we made at the Encino Branch Library, and they are amaaazing. All you need are some green grapes and a few different flavors of Jell-O mix. That’s all it takes! You’ll need to get the grapes wet, roll them around in the Jell-O mix, and then let them chill in the fridge for just enough time that the mix really sticks onto the grapes. Or, you can even freeze them!

The result? Absolutely delicious grapes that taste like Sour Patch Kids. Crazy but true!

Video Game Volunteers

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Thank you to our Video Game Club volunteers who help us out Saturday mornings. Les and Felicity both received Fiesta medals for there help this past year. Congrats! 


Las Palmas Book Display

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One of Las Palmas’ Teen Leadership members helped set up this display for Child Abuse Awareness Month.

Origami Bookmarks

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To recognize the Mayor’s Book Club selection of The Book Thief, teens at the Encino Branch Library learned how to make origami bookmarks. Instead of sticking out of a book like a traditional bookmark, this bookmark sits on the corner of the page!


It only takes a few minutes to figure out how to make one, and it’s pretty easy to do. Click here to view the instructions that we used!


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Today we made a “zine” during teen time. A zine is a form of art that shares information, tells stories, or just has many pictures that you find interesting. The best of part of making a zine was that it is a fun way to express yourself with words or even with just pictures! -Seth Damian  


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