Bored and tired of homework?

  Bored and tired of homework? If you need a fast,   interesting read to make you think, Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin could be the book for you!
When Elizabeth Marie Hall wakes up confused and disoriented on a ship she can’t remember boarding, she’s desperate to escape and return to her “real” life; a life that no longer exists for her.  Not because she’s too far away, or has been kidnapped, but because Elizabeth, or Liz, had been hit by a car and died.   The ship is taking her to an island that can’t be found on any earth map, existing in an alternate dimension both like and unlike where she came from. On this Island of Elsewhere, where everyone returns when then die, people age backwards from when they arrived, eventually returning to earth as infants when their time is up.  For 15-year-old Liz, this means she will never turn 16, marry, get her driver’s license, or grow up, an unfair twist of fate that sends her spiraling into a deep depression that neither her Grandmother (who had died several years earlier) nor any of her new acquaintances can pull her out of by themselves.  However, as time passes, Liz begins to see that although she’ll never grow old, she still has opportunities to learn and to love; to experience life even after death.  This one-of-a-kind, innocent novel by Gabrielle Zevin is riddled with messages of hope and the belief that, maybe, the end isn’t the end after all.

Find  “Elsewhere “on the Igo stacks, or request it from the SAPL catalog and have it send to your location (right click/ open link):,3,10,B/holdings&FF=telsewhere&4,,8

or download it  –  link below:

Happy Reading!

Casey,14,  Igo TAG

One Response to “Bored and tired of homework?”

  1. pruittlibraryteens Says:

    I totally love this book! If you read Tuck Everlasting in elementary school, you’ll totally dig the reference in this book!

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