Games at IGO

Fun Game Day
Hello everybody! This is Nikhil. On January 11th, 2012, the teens at John Igo Library made a fun game day to simply just have fun! First, we played Dance Central 2 on the Xbox Kinect. I danced to some songs such as Just Dance by Lady Gaga and the rap, Soulja Boy. There was a built in camera that took pictures of our dance. Next, my friend and I played the Twist Game which really tied us in knots! As a group, all of us played Apples to Apples. I somehow got the cards smart, cool, and unbelieving! That was really astonishing. Before the end of the meeting, all of us played one more round in Dance Central 2. At first I did good, but then my score reduced and everyone laughed at my dance! I really got to improve my dancing skills! Anyway, at the end of the meet, everyone said bye to Mrs. Barbara and left with a smile on their faces! What a Wednesday! I definitily will be back 🙂
Nikhil, 13 @ Igo Teens.

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