Pikachu’s Day!

The story “Pikachu’s Day” is about a Pikachu who we follow “from dusk to dawn as the Pokemon star Pika-sleeps, Pika-eats, Pika-plays, and Pika-learns about its Pika-world”(Back)!
Pikachu wakes up early in the morning and decides to go outside. Pika decides to run because Pikachu is a very energetic Pokemon. Pikachu, while enjoying itself running, trips over an adorable diglet. “Pikachu gets a Pika-boo-boo”(6) from tripping. Poor Pikachu! While crying, a cute Charmander helps Pikachu up!
Pikachu and Charmander decide to play a Pika-game! At first, Pikachu wins; the second game, however, has a different winner, whom is Charmander! The last game ends in a tie, and Pikachu and Charmander say their farewells. Pikachu goes home and eats its dinner which is peas with meatballs covered in marinara sauce. After this, Pikachu goes to bed and falls asleep so Pikachu can have another great Pika-day!!
If you would like to see this book at the library you can always try “Suggest a Purchase” link and let the library know what we would like to read.
–Adrian – 14 Igo CTC

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