Knit-Wits from Igo!

Kiersten from Igo here.

This past Wednesday at Igo, a new group within a group was created:
Every week at our usual Teen Club at Igo I took my knitting along since I got very little time to do so on my usual schedule. Soon enough another member also brought her projects along. As the rest of the group somewhat noticed and grew interested, it was suggested we start up a knitting group, a group within a group. So now I find myself volunteering to run the thing, or at least teach the rest of our Teen Group, how to knit. They all seem very excited, and I’m eager to show them how to make cute things, starting with some of the most simplest. Or rather my own first project, a simple cotton doily (see cute pics.)
This was a first for me, and taught me the basic mechanics of knitting; casting on, the knit stitch, yarn overs, casting off, and sewing a project together with said remaining yarn.
Hopefully I can teach my group successfully and still continue on the normal order of group tasks.
If things go well I hope I can bring them up to more long term or complex projects. Like lacy scarfs, how to use charts, knitting in the round, and generally everything I have been able to learn thus far, even if I am by no means close to an expert at my little hobby.

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