OMG Animated GIFs!

Tobin Teens made these animated GIFs. Here are the steps:

1. Make your animated GIF on You’ll need a web cam. Or an iphone with the free 3frames app.
2. Save the GIF to a computer.
3. Convert the GIF (our GIFs were made of three images) into three JPEGs. Use a photo editor to convert the file format from GIF to JPEGs. You need to break up the GIF into three separate images.
4. Print the separate JPEGs.
5. Collage on, draw lines, paste paper, or alter your images. You’re altering them analog style. For example, apply lots of starry stickers. Or cut and paste a subliminal chicken.
6. Scan the remade images. Save them as JPEGS.
7. Combine JPEGS into a GIF format. Use any free GIF maker program like GIFfun or GIFitup. There are lots of other options, just search for “free GIF maker”. This combines your images back into a single file.
8. Enjoy!

The idea for this project came from super-rad artist Jacob Ciocci’s workshop activity: This project connects with two cool things: Teen Tech Week (March 4-10) and Contemporary Art Month (March) in San Antonio. If you have no idea what an animated GIF is, watch this:

6 Responses to “OMG Animated GIFs!”

  1. Mz. Sylvia Says:


  2. You just made our day! We’re so excited you were inspired by our gifs workshop and created your own! 🙂

  3. igolibraryteens Says:

    Very cool! You inspired us ( teens from Igo) to try our hand at this.
    I hope our attempts will be as good as yours. Thank you for shariing!!

  4. I question exactly why you branded this particular
    blog, “OMG Animated GIFs! San Antonio Public Library”.
    In any event I really adored it!Thanks a lot-Kristian

  5. I appreciate it for posting “OMG Animated GIFs! | San Antonio Public Library”
    mot-haravfall . Imay definitely end up being coming back for more browsing and writing comments
    soon. Thanks, Kristofer

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