J Serve gets their volunteer on!!!

This morning I got to pick between ten different places where I wanted to volunteer, and I picked the central branch of the San Antonio Public Library. When we (volunteers from the JCC) first got there, it actually wasn’t open, but once inside, we went to work at once. We helped to organize and take inventory on the books. We went through tons of boxes, all filled to its capacity with books, and counted every single one. They all had the new book smell that I feel really awkward for liking. Some of the books had around 150 copies, but others were all by themselves. We put the ones that were by themselves on a cart and wrote down all of the titles. I was in charge of taking pictures of this whole event and we uploaded them onto Flickr…and now I’m writing a blog post.

Here’s one of the pictures that I took, be sure to check out the rest on Flickr:

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