Book Review: “How to Say Goodbye in Robot” by Natalie Standiford

“How to Say Goodbye in Robot”, an inspirational novel by author, Natalie Standiford, explores unique emotions, while revealing different aspects of high school and life.  Beatrice (Bea) Szabo is the new girl in high school, and she meets Jonah Tate, also known to other classmates as Ghostboy because of his pale complexion and silent nature.  They become friends, and listen to late- night radio talkshows, and working on the school yearbook, while sharing genuine moments.  What I love about the book is their relationship; it’s so different than any other.  Bea and Jonah never once kiss, yet they love and trust each other.  From the beginning, I wanted them to be together, and I like that it shows that love or admiration doesn’t necessarily have to consist of kisses and physical attraction, but instead is based on understanding, and built with trust.  This in-depth story shares the infinite feeling of happiness, heartbreaking sadness, and the uplifting feeling of hope.

Review by:  Maddie

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