Freedom of Speech at Landa


Today, Landa Teens discussed the importance of freedom of Speech, as well as the importance of having your words heard and acknowledged.  Unfortunately, some places do not acknowldge the voices of teens because “teens are too young/ immature to understand or engage in conversation, and don’t have anything reasonable or worth hearing.”  The truth is, everyone has a voice and words to say, words that need a listener, including younger people.  Especially with today’s time, a lot of poeple of younger age are causing change and creating innovative ideas.  Teens are helping shape the future with their fresh, creative ideas.

      Opinions, viewpoints, commentary, arguments, debates, and conversations all involve speaking, using words.  Everyone has opinions, and they’re most likely different than the next person, which is good.  They’re important, especially if you want to see that opinion or theory transform into reality, and they can.  With just a few words, life can change and evolve into something different than the “normal” way of life.


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