Lou Ferrigno in an office chair

I was lucky enough to go to Texas Comicon yesterday at the San Antonio Expo Center. I hung out at our table, worked with an awesome volunteer Nabil, and talked with people about the library. I was also amazed by all the costumes, actor cameos, and general wonderment moving across people’s faces. I actually do not have a picture of Lou Ferrigno, the original incredible Hulk actor, sitting in a ratty office chair. A picture with him cost $40.00. However, won’t you please visualize a totally ripped, older dude. Weirdly friendly, always on the verge of growling. Able to compassionately rip your arm off. Pretty much an Incredible Hulk of happiness. He was taking up all of a well worn-in office chair, talking to many people sized much smaller. Everybody else was using folding metal chairs, contrasting with his office supply style beige seat. I’m going to draw an image of this for the next teen services coloring book.

Speaking of coloring books, we made some! Here are images from the coloring books we had at the comic con, a collaborative project where people added panels, drew characters, and did whatever else they wanted with the pages. Next time the library will have a bigger drawing space, with more room for people to work. Also we will keep the pages! Because a wise man once told me, “What happens in the comicon, stays at the comicon”. Many more people took away coloring books, but only a few shared their works with us. Here are those rad ones, and a link to Open Field at the Walker Art Center, where we got the idea for a collaborative coloring book. More images of the con are found on the 210 teen flickr page. – DGP

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