Volunteers go to ComicCon!

Hey everyone! We’re teen volunteers at Landa Library and last Friday we got to go to ComicCon in San Antonio as volunteers for the library! It was really incredible, and if you didn’t get a chance to go, there were all kinds of booths as well as celebrities there. Lou Ferrigno, the actor behind the Incredible Hulk in the 70s TV series and the voice of the Hulk in the recent movies, and Cary Elwes, the actor who played Wesley in The Princess Bride and Robin Hood in Robin Hood: Men in Tights, were both present for photo-ops. There were booths were visitors could take pictures with Ewoks, partake in lightsaber battles, and buy orignal comics from the 1960s. It was a comic lover’s heaven. Everyone who came by was dressed up in their favorite superhero or comic book character’s outfit, some of the best were an authentic Darth Vader costume (equip with the breathing mechanism), Babydoll from Sucker Punch, and a Thor-look-a-like (They guy even had long blond hair and a hammer!). It was a great experience for both of us and a big thank you to the library for giving us the chance to go. If you’re interested in comics, we have created a libguide on the San Antonio Public Library website that can give you information about comics, video links related to comics, and a list of comic books or graphic novels. Here is the URL:http://guides.mysapl.org/teencomics


Thanks for reading!

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