Teens Needed!

The Landa Teen Library Leadership Council is tutoring children ages 4-11, and we would like your help!  You can tutor in any subject and you will receive community service hours!  Landa Teens will be advertising the program soon, and it may take a while for the word to get out, but hopefully after a couple of weeks, tutoring will be extrememly popular at Landa! 

The first tutoring day will be on Saturday, August 4, from 10:am- 11:30am.  After several weeks, we will take a short break to plan for tutoring during the school year.  Sunday, September 9  is the day we have planned for the first day of tutoring during the school year, from 3:oopm- 4:30pm.  We would really appreciate your help, and if you know anyone who’d like to review before school or needs help during school, tell them to come to Landa Library!

If you’re interested or have any questions regarding tutoring, please contact Beatrice Canales  at: beatrice.canales@sanantonio.gov or leave a message at Landa Library at 207-9090.—Maddie, 15

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