My first time….

 Ok. I’m new.  Well, new to Igo Teen Club. Today was my first day. I came to the Starbooks Café expecting boring afternoon. Fortunately, I was mistaken. Instead, I encountered a large bunch of friendly smiles, a lot of a boardgames, and an interesting craft that used felt, needles, and fuzz.  As everyone came in we were introduced, both with names and with fandom. At first, I felt a bit… out of place. However, someone soon began a lively debate that incorporated Sith, Rumbleroar, Pigfarts, and a Lightsaber iPad app. I couldn’t help but relax around such friendly and outgoing people.   Soon everyone had found something to do: Harry Potter themed board games were broken out, 4 played chess, research was done for our upcoming event (it’s gonna be BIG, watch out, coming to Igo in July) and we 11 of us were allowed access to the felt, needles, and thread. Igo now has a few new fluffy additions including a friendly alien, a slightly squashed looking star, a tower, as well as cats, fish, and a plethora of geometric shapes. Needless to say, I can’t wait to come back next week.
Chanse for Igo Teen Club – (Igo Teen Library Leadership Consul wannabee)

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One Response to “My first time….”

  1. Aubrey Cruz Says:

    That sounds so fun! 😀

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