A book review by Gabriela: The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor

This book is a modern adaption of the classic Alice in Wonderland, but instead follows Alyss as she escapes from her deadly Aunt Redd in Wonderland, with  Hatter Madigan through the Pool of Tears, which acts as a gateway to Earth.  Alyss and Hatter become separated and try to find each other.  Meanwhile Aunt Redd wreaks havoc in Wonderland, killing and corrupting all. Despite the dystopian environment of Wonderland, Alyss’s old allies secretly work to rebel and end Redd’s reign. 
The clever plot of this book keeps the reader deeply engaged. Frank Beddor’s in-depth interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic makes fantastic sense of Wonderland, reincarnating the White Rabbit into Bibwit Harte, the worried tutor of Alyss, the Cheshire cat into the Cat, Redd’s personal feline assassin, and other iconic Wonderland characters.  However, the action of the book is very fast-paced and can be difficult to keep up with. Overall, the book is a good read, and a key supplement to a fascinating trilogy.

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