The Life of Landa’s FSA Intern

My name is Brittany Reyes. I’m 14 years old. I will be going to Edison this year as a freshmen. This summer, I joined a youth career opportunity program. My pick was here at Landa library. Since I’ve started here it’s just been wonderful. Everyone is really nice, respectful, caring and great. They are the kind of people you would love to be around.

Since I’ve been here, I started to go to some of the groups they have, like the Teen Write club, The Saturday Thing and children’s storytime. I also worked on displays for teens and adults. The Teen Write club is a great way to learn new writing skills that you haven’t learned before and Ms. Bea is an excellent facilitator. I made posters for upcoming events that told people what’s happening that very second or what’s going to happen tomorrow. Storytime with Ms. Karen is just so much fun. She puts things in a more active way that the kids love. She knows how to get them up and going and by time it’s finished, all the children leave with big smiles on their faces.

The Saturday Thing with Ms. Bea and AD is really fun. I’ve seen things that I’ve never even seen before. We do experiments that have to do with science and it’s very interesting. The other teens that are with us are just so excited on what they might do next. 

In conclusion, as a family service association library intern, I hope one day my time here will be seen that I did a good job helping others while learning new skills along the way.

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