Volunteer Spotlight

What do Megan and Edgar think about volunteering?
Edgar, a new volunteer,  thinks….
Many people wonder why volunteering exists. It can be for many things. An example would be for the simple fact of time occupation. Or maybe it is for the experience. Whatever the reason may be, it will help you in the long run. In my particular case, it is for the simple fact of gaining that experience. for many years, people have told me to volunteer for later recognition. As a high school student gets to college, saying that you’ve volunteered would get you to better opportunities. Here, in the San Antonio Public Library, several positions to promote teen volunteering exist. Some examples of some of the positions include decorating, shelving, helping the teens, and they even have people writing entries for this blog. Not only is this a great opportunity to volunteer, but it also involves interacting with people that are willing to do such services for free! When interacting with people, you may make friends, entertain others, and even have fun with the job!

Megan, who has been volunteering for Central Library for several years would just like to add : Pickles

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