Introducing Gennie & Mark from Parman!

We’re part of the Teen Library Leadership Council (TLLC).
WHAT (do we do): Strive to innovate constructive activities for others as well as ourselves.
WHEN: We try to do activities every few months (be sure to check this blog for recent activities).
WHO: A group of leaders with creative ideas at Parman Library.
WHERE: Here, at the Parman Library at Stone Oak (where else would it be?)!
WHY: ‘Nuff said…

This summer we got to do all sorts of things. One of my favorites was designing activities for the pre-teens and youngsters. For a future activity, we planned this scavenger hunt for tweens:

“The 15th National Bank of the World (no typo) has been robbed by three figures – caught on the security tape. However, the suspect’s testimonies have some holes in them, literally. Our economic status depends on all those enterprising pre-teens who undertake this detective work (not really). Good luck!”

But seriously, it is a cool activity, and we had a lot of fun putting it together. Stay tuned for photos of the scavenger hunt in action.

Signing off,
Gennie & Mark, Parman Teen Library Leadership Council

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