My Experience As A Summer Volunteer

       My experience really opened my eyes to all the effort put in to supply books to the public. There’s tons of shelf reading involved to make sure all the books and electronics are in the right order so the public can easily find their desired selection. We must gather all the returned books on a cart and place them in alphabetical order to be shelved by a staff member. Each morning a list is sent to the library of books on hold needed to be sent to other libraries and we are in charge of going through the library to gather up and package the books to be trucked away. Also, many activities for all ages are hosted here so it is our duty to continuously entertain and make crafts for all upcoming activities. This experience has taught me to be more time- oriented which is good preparation for when I get a paying job. All the staff members were so nice and welcoming while also helping me get used all the new jobs I would be doing. I had so much fun and even helped do fun experiments with a church camp that came every week. This volunteer work has also helped me grow closer to the library and love of books itself. I now know where every genre of books are located and found new kinds of books I never would have thought of reading but actually enjoyed! I love volunteering here and will continue to do so throughout the school year as well as next summer. I now have a lot of valuable experience in how to get along with other volunteers and employees, how to carefully listen to all instructions, and most importantly how to get more involved in one of the things in life I love most-books!


-Kristina Ziegler, 2012 Summer Volunteer, Parman Teen Library Leadership Council

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