Do You Know What We Did This Summer?

I’m sure you’re all dying to find out….This summer at IGO has been a whirlwind of fun and awesome. Starting with playing Angry Birds live in the parking lot and ending with Game Fest (yes, this year Igo had a Game Fest right here, in our hood). There was a lot going on in our own Igo “Starbooks  Cafe”…Tune in…

From Chance and Callahan (members of the Igo Teen Library Leadership Council):

That’s right. You’ve heard us. In early June Angry Birds invaded Igo parking lot!!! With them they brought their GIANT slingshots, and yes, there were DE PIGS! It was a challenge to hit a sneaky green ham 🙂  , but overall the game was an enjoyable experience. See the pictures:

“Angry Birds” Landed at Igo!!!!

Next week PAC-man and his ghosts parade over Igo library windows. At our regular meeting we watched short ppt., were given packs of sticky notes and told to go out and be creative. We were awesome!  We enriched the Igo Library experience in a unique way, by creating the  Post-it note art: Pac Man and the Ghosts. It took a lot of hard work and team dynamics. There was a lot of rearranging, cutting, and taping, but we made a really amazing piece of art. I think it looks amazing. It was a lot of fun. At first it was difficult to get everyone to agree on what to pick.  Finally we decided that every one loves PAC-man (who started it all J).  After a few false starts, our team work brought to live our beloved characters. It was excellent experience in a team work. To get the results we had to work together. We also noticed that our sticky notes art struck a match of inspiration that fueled a wildfire of creativity to other fellow teen groups (we saw u GNW, and Pruitt, great job 🙂 ). To this day the ghosts are still pursuing PAC-man around the library among the shelves and across the windows.

Very first post-it note was placed…


Final Product

But LET IT BE KNOWN. The post-it note artist is still at work at the Igo library. You haven’t seen the last of us yet…..                                         …to be continued….

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