Tutoring Success at Landa!

Landa Library’s Tutoring Program has been quite a success!  Last week was our third week of tutoring!  We are all so glad that we are helping children with their education.

Maddy H., a member of the teen leadership council at Landa said, “Today, with the Landa Teen Tutoring, I remembered just how confusing basic multiplication and division was. I tutored a 5th grader who needed some help with learning multiplication and division. She was really talkative and was an easy learner so she quickly picked it up. When we were multiplying, I hate to admit this, she corrected me several times, calculators have made me a very lazy student. It was a really fun experience and I’m excited for next week to see if we can help out anymore kids and also to see if my multiplying has improved.”

Several other members Hana and Nabil share their thoughts, “This week, we had many students show up! It was a pleasant surprise as to the slow pace of the previous two sessions. We worked one on one with individual students based on their needs, and one of the things we really liked was that the session was just long enough for the attention of the students and us. We also felt that this was beneficial for us as tutors as well as the students which we really liked. Hopefully, the tutoring will continue at this pace and will continue to be as successful as it was this week!”

I’m so happy to be a part of the Landa Tutoring program.  I helped one child with his addition, subtraction, as well as the simple basics of Algebra.  I like using markers and construction paper when tutoring children because I think it makes it seem less like school; I want them to attend tutoring sessions because they enjoy it, not just because they have to.  I feel like I make a difference when I help children with school, and I hope they feel the same.  And not only are the children learning, but I am learning as well.  Patience and creative tutoring methods are things that I learn and always try to improve on.  I look forward to next week!

-Maddie C.

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