Do You Know What We Did This Summer?

Igo summer continue…

From Tasha (member of Igo Teen Library Leadership Council) and Sophie (Igo TLLC wannabe)

GAGA Dodgeball Day.

As I walked out to the verrry humid Wednesday  air I didn’t know what to expect. I looked around to all the unfamiliar faces. Summer brings a lot of new people to the library. The guy in charge of GAGA dodgeball told us the rules and everyone reluctantly entered the “ring”. I still thought it would be soooo boring and awkward. But it was actually ridiculously fun and I will always remember this day. We had a blast and  even though I was soaking wet I still made quite a few new friends (soaking wet, as well).It was like a regular dodgeball, but  without a danger of getting a face plant, (rubber ball to the face 🙂  – a sensation short people know all  to well ) b/c the ball had to stay low to the ground.   It got  really competitive resulting in epic fast action dance moves.  See the pics:

….stay tuned for more Igo Summer fun…

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