Do You Know Now What We Did This Summer?

Igo summer story continues …..

From Nicole and Casey: (members of the Igo TLLC):       

One week, during this summer we had a Harry Potter themed week.  We played Scene-  it and had trivia quizzes in our cool “Starbucks Cafe”.  There was some fierce competition, but we had a lot of fun and those of us with more knowledge of Harry Potter obscure facts shared some cool facts with the others.

Game Fest rounded out our Summer . So many People showed up at Igo Library and we had a lot of fun . I got to play Star Wars on the X-Box Kinect. It  was really awesome.  We all got trophies and enjoyed pizza and games. Having Game Fest at Igo library was a wonderful experience. It was the great event to end the summer.

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