You think You Know What We Did This Summer….

more summer fun from Igo “Starbooks Cafe”…

From Nicole (member of Igo TLLC):

In July Teens at Igo celebrated the Japanese Star Festival (July 7), also known as Tanabata. As our Summer’s  Reading Program theme was  “A Summer Among the Stars”, we found it a very fitting celebration.

I presented a quick prezi that gave an overview of the history and traditions of the festival, and then we set to work. We each wrote our own, individual wish on a strip of colorful paper and taped it to the window. Those whose wishes were more personal opted to fold theirs in half before displaying them but chose to continue participation nevertheless. Unfortunately, as it had rained, we were unable to continue our plan of hanging the wishes on the tree outside, but the window was a fine alternative.

We also had a few books that we had pulled from the library on Origami. Some of our more experienced paper-folders assisted some newcomers, and there were some truly awesome pieces of art created.

Overall, the festival was a lot of fun, even if we did get rained on!

-Nicole ( member  of Igo Teen Library Leadership Council)

The above-mentioned prezi can be found at

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