Tutoring and Monster Libguide Update at Landa

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Once again, Tutoring at Landa took place last Sunday and today.  We had three students last week and seven students this week! My student and I wrote, edited, and made a numerous amount of spelling word cards last week.  I also consulted with a parent concerning ways to proceed with homework troubles and how to improve spelling at home.  Landa Teen Leadership Council also has several new tutors (Amanda L, Patrick L, and Emily L), which means that we have availabilty (7 teen tutors).  We are all so excited to have them join us!  We had several parents interested in the tutoring program, so we hope this program will continue to grow and flourish. -Maddie C.

Hana K. and Nabil K. and Maddy H, and Maddie C. had a Teen Council meeting at 2pm last week and discussed the Teen Monster Libguide online layout. Everyone had favorite books and media to add to the libguide. The new teen council members also tye-dyed their “uniforms” for use next week’s tutoring sessions. -Bea Canales, Teen Liaison

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