Shadow Art at Igo!

Everyone’s seen their own shadow, but very few people have considered the artistic potential of their own silhouettes.  Not so with Japanese artist Shigeo Fukuda. He was famous for his posters, but  he also created art using things such as forks, spoons,  barb wires… to make shadows.   He is known as a ‘Masters of Deception’ and just check his  motorcycle; a stunning piece  made of welded utensils that awes everyone who sees it. 

Lunch with a Helmet on…by Shigeo Fukuda

It is optical illusion lifted to the art level.  Inspired by his work, our youth group at Igo decided this week to mimic his style, although admittedly in a less intricate manner. We crumpled up a paper and used flashlights to cast shadows on them to make, see or imagine images.  Below are some of the awesome things we made.    Casey (Igo TLLL member)

Lama in Cairo


The man in a tricorne hat…

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