Science Night & TLLC!!

Hey guys! It’s Anastasia with the teen library leadership council! Come join us on Tuesday for Science Night!! I just came up with all kinds of cool ideas for science experiments that we can do together! We will be doing things like making slime, soda, and lava lamps!! Also, join our teen library leadership council, where you can come up with cool ideas for you and your teen friends to do during the week! We also have cool events like eclectic electric which is the guitar club that meets every Monday! No, you don’t have to know how to play the guitar!! Just think of it as a free lesson! Cool right?! (: We also do fun things like gaming on Wednesdays! So if you’re bored and sitting at home come play video games! Every teen’s dream! (: And lastly, come do arts and crafts on Thursdays! Where you can make cool crafts and give them away as gifts! (or keep them for yourselves!) Hope to see you here! Feel free to call or text us if you want more info! (: 210.549.teen (8336)

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