Teen review: “The Princess Bride” by William Goldman

“The Princess Bride” is not only a well-known and well-loved comedic movie about the most beautiful girl in the world destined to be married to Prince Humperdinck before she is tragically kidnapped and finds herself mixed up in a sinister plot, but it is also a book. While some background information was left out of the movie, the book delves deep into the all the details, giving you a whole new perspective and a respect for the characters. You find out how Buttercup, the beautiful girl, is discovered by the prince, why Fezzik has the peculiar habit of rhyming his words, and the complete history of Inigo Montoya’s past, which includes his extensive sword training. Even if you are unfamiliar with the movie, the book is a fabulous read and may inspire you to spend a weekend night watching the movie. I hope you check it out!

-Aedan, Central TLLC, 15


One Response to “Teen review: “The Princess Bride” by William Goldman”

  1. Great summary! I’m not a fan of “The Princess Bride”, book or movie, but this post makes me want to read it again.

    -Maddie C.

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