“I hated that book!” RANT-A-THON

We are loving Teen Read Week and by ‘loving’ we mean hating on some books we HAD to read and did NOT like (Old Man and the Sea, anyone? Anyone?)

Tell us about a book you hated and why (& why you HAD to read it)!

Leave a reply below!!!

i hated that book!


8 Responses to ““I hated that book!” RANT-A-THON”

  1. I would never recommend “Of Poseidon” by Anna Banks because of the creepy male character, Galen and submissive female character, Emma. The narration allows the reader to know Emma’s thoughts, but some parts of the book are in third person when the chapters pertain to Galen, causing him to seem distant and evasive. He is very controlling, Emma is okay with the way he treats her, and the society they live in is very sexist. The worst part about it is that throughout the entire book, the narrator had the need to stress the ethnicity of all the characters in the setting. The text continuously reminded the reader that the entire poplulation of the island had light physical features. I don’t think it was necessary for the book to reiterate that subject so many times. The only character without light physical features, dies in the first couple of chapters, and is mentioned once or twice later in the book.

  2. The Dead and the Gone should have stuck with the first books charectars. Im suprisd they didnt go canabalistic.

  3. A book I would never recommend to anyone is Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This book was very confusing and got monotonous. I did not understand the point of it, and the ending just confused me. Though this book is considered a classic, I just could not get into it. I preferred The Giver by Louis Lowry a lot more than this book.

  4. George Dyksatr Says:

    I hated vampirates just it’s title turned me away for quite some time…after finally picking it up because you know don’t judge a book by the cover…first few pages into the book I wanted to throw it across the room so dry boring and pretty stupid.

  5. lakers biography

  6. Briana Espinoza Says:

    never read “Lord of the Flies” it’s so boring, i read like the first chapter and got bored.
    It was for a class assignment so i just listened to it on youtube .. smart right? yeah i know.

  7. A book I would never let anyone read is Begging for Change its an okay book but it needs a little more emphasis on the feelings the narrator is feeling

  8. Do not read the following books, the dictionary, anything involving Mitt Romney, GO OBAMA! and Catcher in the Rye

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