Bully- Free at Landa

October is Bully Awareness month!  Teen bullying has become a national issue that needs to be dealt with immediately and with efficiency.  Bullies are everywhere, at school, online, on public properties, and in the community. 

[*Special guest speaker Elvia Pace from the YWCA San Antonio showed us] how bullying can come in the form of words, typed, verbal, written, but also through physical force to harm another.  Many people have been or are currently being bullied, which causes them to feel much less than they truly are, as if  they have no sense of place or belonging, as well as inflict pain, emotional and/ or physical.   It all starts with just a few words or a small shove, but soon escalates into something extremely serious.  People may bully others because of an insecurity they have, or strong emotions, such as anger or bitterness.  They are hurting inside, and want to make themselves feel inferior to others, wanting others to feel their pain.   I think the best way to stand up against a bully is to feel confident in yourself, and help others who are victims.  Notify someone who can offer assistance.  Don’t let hurtful words bring you down, but instead, fly high above them.     

At Landa Library, there was a display, built by teens, about being bully- free. We want to create an accepting and comfortable environment for all!  Ending bullying won’t be easy, but everyone can do something, and every step in the right direction is support needed.   

There is always hope.        

-Maddie C.Landa Library Teen Leader, 15 *Written by Bea Canales, library staff

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