an unexpected guest

Tonight we had an unexpected guest here at the central library, funny that it was a bat thought. After everyone helped cleaned up the haunted house in the teen section, a couple of the teens noticed a bat flying around the placed. After watching it fly around for about several minutes a couple of the teens decided to catch it to let it out. After following it around and having a lot of “almost” moments, it flew into the blue room where visitors walked in from. The bat flew in there and was trapped for a while. A couple of the library’s cops came in and opened up a couple of doors while keeping the one that leads back to the library building closed. After watching it fly around the small blue lighted room, they opened up the main door because one of the employees said that it could fall which was a big deal because it made of glass. So they reopen it and after a minute it flew back in. After wondering if the bat would ever get out before the library closes, we began to chase it again. While following the bat into the Art-Room they noticed a man trying to stun it with this headphone. Afterword he actually did hit the bat and the bat landed on the floor as if it was knocked out. The guy began to cheer and saying something about his ancestors and stuff. As one of the teens picked up the poor bat using a plastic bag, more teens came along to see if it was ok. They began to wonder if the guy harmed the bat, but after putting it down outside, it was fine and began to look around.  After it was safe it began to fly away into the sky, it’s kinda funny that it came around on the night before Halloween.

-Antonio Aguayo (Tony)

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