210Teen Haunt!

The past couple of months, Central teens have been collaborating on (what I think is) the biggest teen made project TS has ever done – our Haunted House.

The Haunted House was two months of frustration and in some cases tears… and injury. We came close to giving up several times. We started with just two volunteers in September, planning the layout. In October, we had building parties to make props and walls. Halloween came almost too quickly!

On opening day set-up took over 3 hours! After me and staff member Victoria zombiefied our scare actors, we officially opened for business!

My favorite part was the creepy announcements, the coolest things that have been broadcasted over the PA systems. In the end, over 200 people came and walked through to get scared. The 4 days we were open were so crazy awesome that it was ridiculous! All the hard was definitely worth it!

Here’s what some of the other volunteers had to say about it,

~Megan, 17, Teen Services Volunteer.

My favorite part was when they got scared and Megan was looking at people. My favorite part was when JD was being creepy. My favorite part was when the children started yelling and other people were like “whatever”. My favorite part was when people were walking by and they were like “shut up that wasn’t scary”. My favorite part was when people were like “no more candy! Nnoooo”. My favorite part was when people were walking through and Megan fell and said that she gave up, also when the spider jumped on her, and the spider didn’t want to leave people alone. My favorite part was when they took down the haunted house and had to clean it up and the bat flew in. It tried to leave but then some jerk had to kill his little heart. It was going to haunt the library, but it’s still alive!

~ Edward, 14

I had a lot of fun helping out. Building the archway was where I helped out the most, along with fixing things like scenery and the witch cauldrons. I did a little scaring. In all, I had an amazing time.

~ Archie H., 17


The Haunted House was a truly great experience. Spending time with my friends as we tried our best to scare everyone that who passed by.

~Bryon, 16


I thought it was incredible because to see how it call came together in the end was amazing and fantastic.

~ Adam, 14


I was at the end of the Haunted House giving out candy. That was my favorite part.

~Chris aka Waffles, 16

2 Responses to “210Teen Haunt!”

  1. teensmysapl Says:

    You all did such a great job! From hatching the idea to the terrific follow through. You stayed on budget (well… maybe a bit over b/c of ALL THAT CANDY!), demonstrated excellent organizational skills and had outstanding results! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!

  2. i was gr8 i had a nice time over there at the library’s haunted house

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