Firelight by author Sophie Jordan

The “Firelight Series” by Sophie Jordan is fresh and captivating, with dragons, or draki, as they’re referred to in the series and a new kind of society. Jacinda is a Draki, able to switch from human to dragon form and vice versa, with the rare talent of fire breathing. Part of the pride, a society of Draki hidden from the rest of the world, Jacida thrives, until she is forced to bond with Cassian, the prince of the pride, in order to produce more fire breathers. Jacinda’s family realizes they must leave and attempt to live average human lives. Because her mother and sister are not able to shift between forms, they advise Jacinda to leave her draki self behind, but she refuses, feeling as if her draki is a part of her, and the only thing keeping her from losing a part of herself is her fellow classmate, Will who ignites passion and life. Nothing is easy anymore, though, because Will’s family are Draki hunters. Jacinda faces obstacles and challenges that lie in her way of happiness, love, and freedom. Secrets threaten to tear Jacinda and Will apart, loyalties are tested, and lives are on the line.

I really enjoyed this series, because there’s just the right amount of detail and the characters are well developed. Each character is original and even the “evil” characters have depth and hearts. They are bound to obligations, but when they are set free, a different side emerges. Will, the main male character, is not evasive or brooding, which I liked since it set it apart from many other popular series today. The plot is suspenseful and thrilling, keeping the reader enganged. I hope you will check out “Firelight” by Sophie Jordan! Afterwards, read the second, “Vanish“, and the third, “Hidden“.

– Maddie C. 16, Landa Teen Library Leadership Council member

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