Teen review: “The Eternal Ones” by Kristen Miller

Have you ever loved a time period so much that you wonder if you ever actually lived in that time? In “The Eternal Ones,” not only do they know they have, but some can even remember their previous lives. Haven Moore grew up in a small conservative town dealing with visions of a girl named Constance and her tragic end along with her love, Ethan. Haven was thought of as insane, before finally discovering her special gift. After seeing a boy, Ian Morrow, on television and realizing she is meant for him, she travels to New York, only to discover the Ouroboros Society, which consists of a group of people who, like Haven, remember their past lives. Finally with her love Ian, formerly Ethan, she can be at peace, but she finds herself in a bad situation with a mysterious man and the Ouroboros Society, which doesn’t seem as good. After awhile, Haven doesn’t know who to trust. She even starts to doubt the goodness of Ian. Could he possibly be the cause of her previously untimely death?

Aedan, Central TLLC, 15

 "The Eternal Ones" by Kristen Miller book cover

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