We did it!! 7 VS 11

7 VS 11
I had to share this. Although it is highly impossible to manage a team that tries to play soccer similar to rugby, it is important to keep all of our players safe and sound the whole game. Throughout the game our team had 7 players playing against 11 players that play soccer like a game of rugby. Thoughtful tactics and better plays would’ve for sure increase the percentage of possession in our team and improve the game play on both ends of the field in which it involves in more and more tactical strategies of a game. In advance to the players speed, the tactics of our team helped to destroy the other teams’ offensive plays and defensive techniques. Importantly is the fact that the bulkiness of each of the player on the opponent’s team is scary and at the same time served to our advantage to out run most of the opponents and easily pull a move to out-trick them and get past each of the opponents players easily. Although it is tough to beat a team with 7 players on the field, we made it happen. It was a great victory for us as it is a prideful victory against the 18 year olds. In today’s world, all the people that play soccer, at least for the most part are in shape as there many opportunities such as gym, soccer fields, and pretty much any place you can find them. On whole, it is important for the players on the field to know how their team plays with each other and study the other teams strengths and weaknesses, although the coach usually takes care of that, it is at the same time important for you to know that too.

Satvik, 15, Igo TLLC

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