F.A.Q’s regarding Landa Library’s Tutoring Program

Landa Library has a tutoring program for children, and I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

– When does this program convene, and for how long?
We meet every Sunday from 2:30pm- 3:30pm (1 hour).

– How much does it cost?
Nothing; it’s free!

– What age groups do you tutor in?
We tutor children ages five to eleven.

– What subjects do you tutor in?
It varies, and usually depends on what the child needs help in. We tutor in all the core subjects as well as handrwriting, reading comprehension, cursive, and TAKS/ STAAR preparation.

– Who are the tutors?
The tutors are teens ages fourteen and up who share a passion for education and helping others. All tutors have background checks.

– Where is the tutoring program?
It takes place at Landa Library, 233 Bushnell Avenue 78212, usually in the meeting room.

– Does my child need to bring anything with him/ her to tutoring?
Not necessarily, but they are welcome to bring homework or problems they need help in. We provide materials and resources.

– Who do I contact?
You may contact Landa Library at 210- 207-9097, or Beatrice Canales at beatrice.canales@sanantonio.gov

-Maddie C., 16, TLLC

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