Betelgeuse in the Sky with Death








P1020548Aha, science! What a wonderful thing. If you dig the stars than this was a day that you should of totally attended because, wowie, did we look at stars! From gas giants to white dwarfs, the fellow astronomers shared their knowledge with the Coolkids and explained how to do this and that with the things in the sky that don’t know we exist. Dude, it’s amazing what’s out there. We saw tidbits that have been dead over thousands of years and still seem intact to us because time is a wacky thing. We learned about the beautiful star named Betelgeuse that died years back and is on the list of humungo stars, along with the sun.

And if you have time and love apocalypses then this Friday don’t miss out on the “End of the World EXTRAVANGZA” at McAllistar Park! Be there or be dead!


~gutsyGumshoe, 15, TLLC

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