New Years Resolutions and Voluntary Book Stacking.

You know how people always say, “A new year, a new me.”?
Well, I started to say that today. But there’s really a limit to how much you can lie to yourself. 
I’m going to sit on the Internet for 28 hours a day and eat cookie dough. How yolo of me. 
After those odd first few sentences, you may be thinking, “Who is this girl who clearly doesn’t have many plans for 2013?”. (I actually do have plans, thank you very much. I just haven’t gotten to that yet.) 
Howdy! I’m Morgan! I like long walks on the beach, car rides in the rain, blah blah blah. The usual.  I very recently started volunteering with the Cody Library. I am already absolutely in love with it. 
The people are quirky and charming, the children who run around looking for books make me smile, and I’ve seen quite of few books that I want to read whilst among the router boxes. 
Part of the reason I volunteered was to be able to get community service hours on my high school transcript. I’m homeschooled, so isn’t it cliché that I volunteered at the library? Thats okay, because clichés are good sometimes. Like sharing a milkshake with someone you love or watching football and eating roast on Sundays after church. Clichés are most often the things that make us feel better. But I digress. 
The other part of the reason was that I love books. And I love people. But I especially love people who love books, because I’m such a bibliomaniac myself. 
When David asked me to write for the blog, on the outside I conveyed general interest. But on the inside, my brain was already drunk with power at the thought of being able to post personal experiences and philosophies in a public place.
I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure what to write about when I started this post. I thought, “What on earth would anyone find interesting about my thoughts? And what do my thoughts have to do with the public library?”. I thought about my thoughts that aren’t quite developed enough to form into coherent paragraphs that you would enjoy.
And then I remembered that if I never write where people can read it, my thoughts will continue to remain stars that I can’t turn to constellations. But I still feel like since it’s my first post on this blog, that it’s the most important. So I’m sitting here, rhythmically shifting my weight back and forth in my grandmother’s kitchen chairs, trying to figure out a way to end my post. 
So I think I’ll end things by telling you my New Years Resolutions. 
I have resolved to A) Live through this year and B) Drink more water.
However, I think these may be too easy.
Living through the year should be easy enough. I’m young, healthy, and not generally a dare devil. 
Drink more water? Eh. I’m kind of busy. So I think I’ll just start holding my mouth open in the shower.
Sound good? I think yes. 
And so, if I should have any gnarly stories about my adventures of voluntary book stacking, I shall post them without hesitation for you to read. 

2 Responses to “New Years Resolutions and Voluntary Book Stacking.”

  1. You have a wide and open mind about things and I love that you seem to have a passion for what you are doing and you shouldn’t stop. The world needs people like you and you seem very smart and loving, and you should continue doing what you do because it shines a reflection on this Library and it shows others why we love it here at Cody library thank you
    ~ unknown

  2. Thanks for your post, Morgan! Looking forward to more!!!

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