Join “I Go Across the World” a new international blog for All Teens in SA and beyond..!

Welcome to the  online  international  blog for All Teens :  ” I Go Across the World”.  The idea was created by Igo TLLC  members  from the huge popularity of  our  annual  “Winter Celebration Around the World”  program,  where we were presenting customs from 12 different cultures to more than 200 people.   Here,  in our blog,  we will be posting photos we took  and sharing stories of the adventures we have taken so that everyone can share in the experience; rather than list out basic facts and clichés about each location.  We do not want to preach or teach.  We hope, through sharing  personal  experience  this blog will inspire cultural awareness and will help to develop the ability to reflect.   As this is meant to be a two-way discussion tool, please feel free to use the comment box to alert us to any relevant questions, ideas, or interests and comments.   Anyone from ages 13-18 can (and is invited to)  post on this blog.  Since this  is a teen online blog,  no matter what your  local library affiliation is you can share here all your travel related experiences. Even if you aren’t part of any SAPL weekly  teen programs,  you can still join us and share your voice with the world about the world!  Just email  our teen librarian Ms. Barbara:

Our travel blog will be comprised of two sections:

1)   International:   ” I Go Across the World”   i.e. Germany, India, China, Russia… and  

2)  Domestic:   “I Go Across the States”, in which we will cover the US.   We hope to have several posts  per country or  State , so please email your story.   Thank you for visiting!  Hope you’ll  join us…

Post #1 – Germany!


Neuschwanstein, now a must-see tourist destination in Germany         (Bavaria), once was home to King Ludwig II of Bavaria aka “the shy king” or “the fairy-tale king”.  The ornate castle, the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castlefilled with marble columns, intricate paintings, gold-plated tiles, and crystal chandeliers, is overwhelming and gaudy.

neuschwanstein castle 1 library blog 2 pictureBut the story of its owner is such a fascinating tragedy that even someone without a castle could feel for King Ludwig II.  The version told by my family’s tour guide began with two lovers, Ludwig and his cousin Elisabeth. They had grown up together and were the best of friends. Because she was forced to marry the emperor of Austria, they could not be together. He was eventually told he would have to be married, so he became engaged to Elisabeth’s younger sister. However, he broke the engagement off when she had an affair.  She married later on, but he did not. He was a very odd man, one example of which is that he had a hallway in his castle that was a cave. And by the end of his life he was living in an insane asylum where he was found dead one day with his psychologist. A few weeks after that, Elisabeth was assassinated. No one knows what happened.   But as a man who said he wished to be a mystery, maybe that’s how he would have wanted it.

Now few useful German phrases:    1.  Hello -Guten Tag,  2.   Das ist Bescheuert – that’s ridiculous  3. Der spinnt – he’s nuts   4. Ich habe die Nase voll davon – I’m sick of it (eeh habe dee naze fol dafun)  – literally means “I have the nose full”  5.  Was geht ab? – What’s up?

If you want to learn how to speak German try our audio books, like this one  :
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Also,  if you want to learn more about Germany check this book:
Caroline, 16, I go ….  to be continued.

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