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Hi,  I’m back!   If you like fine  arts (paintings, music, sculptures, ballet, theater, film,  architecture …),  please feel free to join our blog.   Email your post to our librarian  Ms. Barbara barbara.kwiatkowski@sanantonio.gov  or just post the comment.  We can have a wonderful disccusion  and place to hang out here. You can be a member of our “Online Fine Arts Club” even if you are not able to come to the library.  So, if you are 13-18 years old, please join us today. Share your love of fine arts with the world!  Membership is free!!!

Today I share with you another  pieces that reflect the theme of Movement of Energy.  Click this link to see part 1.   Click here for  part 3.   I hope you enjoy it!

Movement of Energy  part 2 : Bedroom at Arles

 Vincent van Gogh1888 Oil on canvasDimensions 72 cm × 90 cm (28.3 in × 35.4 in)Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Vincent van Gogh
1888 Oil on canvas
Dimensions 72 cm × 90 cm (28.3 in × 35.4 in)
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Another artwork that depicts the movement of emotions and the human psyche is the Bedroom at Arles painted by Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter. Created in 1888 with oil on canvas, it was intended to be symbolic of restful peace. A glance at this painting, buzzing with energy and filled with idiosyncrasies, gives the viewer just the opposite sensation. Van Gogh painted the perspective, walls and decorations all atilt and seeming to close in, to emphasize his own psychological state and the mental tension he felt at the time. The picture above shows his first version of “Bedroom at Arles”.  He painted two more in 1889.

Ning, 17   Igo TLLC

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