Teen Music Blogger: Insatiable Insomnia

Imagine this senario, it’s a school night, it’s 3 am and you’re still not asleep. If you’re like me, you’re pretty frustrated at this point. It’s hard trying to go to sleep. There’s so much on our minds. But we need sleep and coffee can only do so much to get us through the next day.

So what do you do? Drink warm milk? Nope. The answer is to listen to the super rad sleepytime mix I made just for you. Just call it Melatonin for your ears. Pop this baby into your earphones and be prepared for the most soothing tunes your brain has ever heard.

If you like Asleep by The Smiths you can download it on Freegal or check it out from the library

Or you can check it out on 8tracks here


Sing Me To Sleep from landateens on 8tracks Radio.

Catch some Zzzz’s on me cool cats,

~littleSoy, 17

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