Steam Punk 101

Steam-punk, a sub-genre of science fiction, went from a a literature world to a life style where people write their own fiction, make beautiful jewelry out of scrap metal, dress in Victorian attire, and wear neat-looking leather or brass accessories. However, it’s call “punk” for a reason. Any artist, writer, or reader chooses and creates their interpretation of the genre. 

On Tuesday February 19, Airship Constantine descended onto Parman Library. 


The teens and librarians expected a informative lecture and activity revolving around the steam-punk’s history and literature genre. 

However, Airship Constantine presented information about the costumes, community, and conventions. The group showed a slideshow of pictures ranging from their time at conventions to community service events. 

Even though the literature was barely mention, the reality of the event was still amazing. They informed the guest about how they got into steam-punk and DYI tips for creating steam-punk themed objects. They also told stories about how steam-punk improved their public speaking skills and social skills because they are not afraid to act themselves. Many people in the steam-punk community are well-rounded and succeed in their work environment because the ability be themselves.The Airship briefly discuss their involvement in community service outings and programs. Airship Constantine provided an in depth look into the social aspects steam-punk while encouraging the teens to follow a hobby even if it is steam-punk related or not. 


The idea of steam-punk started just as a literature genre, but it soon involved into a world of its own where people can be what ever they want: a captain, a mechanic, a thief… The possibilities are endless in this make-believe world.

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