Tutoring update at Landa

This past week at Landa Library’s tutoring session we had more tutors than students, but overall, it was a productive day, as children were tutored in Mathematics and Reading comprehension.  During our lesson, I asked my student if he planned on attending college, and he replied by shaking his head, and though I realized that he’s at a young age, I still wanted him to have an idea of what he wished to pursue in the future.  I then asked him what he was going to do after highschool, and he said he wanted to go to Mexico, so I rephrased my question and asked him, “if you could be anything in the world, what would you be?”.  My student wanted to be a ghost in the future.

As awesome as that could be, it wasn’t the kind of answer I was expecting, so I asked him about his hobbies and what he loved doing.  He likes math and soccer, and he listed his top five career options, which I then made into a wall chart for his room.  Topping the list was a soldier in the military, followed by an astronaut, soccer player, a manager, and the president.  He has big dreams, and

I reminded him that it’s wonderful to dream, aspire, and pursue, and with hard work and determination, he could accomplish any of those things.

Tutoring takes place every Sunday from 2:30- 3:30pm, and children may be tutored in math, english, reading, writing, and STAAR prepration.

-Maddie C., 16. TLLC member

Maddie created a Prezi Presentation!


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