Online Scholarships for Dummies

Scholarships can at times be tricky to find and apply for, but have no fear the solution is here! There are various online resources that offer a variety of scholarships for students of all ages. Of course many of these scholarships are only open for high school students but it’s never too early to apply. Here are some websites that are a good place to start your search:

College Prowler: I really like this website because it not only let me access scholarships and SAT prep, but it also introduced me to other websites like that allowed me to further my search. This website was a little less helpful in my search but it still allowed me to sign up for scholarships and unlike other websites it took me directly to the page where I could apply. The only thing I didn’t like about this website was that even when I marked a scholarship as “I applied” it would erase the star and I would end up applying for the same scholarship all over again. : This has got to be my favorite website for scholarship searching. This website matches scholarships with your profile. Based on your profile they can match you to a scholarship that is open for people in your school year whether you’re a junior, senior, or sophomore. If you are a member of a club or organization like the Honor Society or NSHSS they match you to scholarships that are open to only members of that organization. I also like the way that they organize their scholarship list, each scholarship shows the amount of competition you will be going against and the amount of work that you need to do in order to apply for that scholarship. also matches you to colleges that you might be interested in based on the information that you provided to them of course the other two websites I mentioned above offer this feature as well.

These are the 3 most helpful websites that I have stumbled upon during my search for scholarships and each one has helped me greatly in my search. The never ending list of scholarships out there might seem overwhelming at times, but I advise to focus on only a few scholarships at a time focus on them and write down the deadline for each one as to not fall behind in your work. Try to not apply for the easiest ones out there because most likely there are hundreds of people out there trying to get the same scholarship that you are trying to get.

–Horizon, 17 years, Landa Teen Volunteer

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