Scholarships for Book Worms

In “Online Scholarships for Dummies” we talked about scholarship resources and which ones we recommended. Now i will tell you about looking for scholarships in books.

Scholarships are complex because of what you need to be eligible to apply for them. Whether you show financial need, your ethnicity, your religion, and your interests. There are many books out there (which some can be found in your local Public library :D) that divide the categories for you. From the eligibility to your major, books have categories so there is no hassle.

If you are a minority group, disabled, or talented you there is a book for you!

Financial Aid for Persons With Disabilities and Their Families.

• This book is for people who have disabilities of any kind.
• By simply looking at the contents of the book you can find scholarships for any physical or learning disability you might have.
Quick Preview:
• Any Disability
• Visual Disabilities
• Hearing Disabilities
• Physical/Orthopedic Disabilities
• Other Disabilities/Disorders
• Families of the Disabled.

See another guide!
—-Valentine, 16 years, Landa Teen Volunteer

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