Review: Sisters Red, by Jackson Pearce

Review: Sisters Red, by Jackson Pearce

Scarlett and Rosie March are sisters of the same heart. After their grandmother is brutally murdered by a Fenris (werewolf), Scarlett throws herself into the fight to protect her sister. She loses her right eye, and from then on throws her entire life into hunting. Rosie knows she owes her life to her sister, but as Scarlett becomes more and more destructive, she’s drawn away from the life her sister planned for them and towards normalcy and her sister’s long-time hunting partner, Silas. After hearing a rumor about a new Potential, a man that has the potential to become a Fenris but hasn’t been bitten yet, the group sets out to Atlanta in the hopes of finding the Potential and using him to bring in the larger pack.
I really liked this book, and was absolutely overjoyed about the lack of werewolf romance. Pearce writes about werewolves as they’re meant to be: bloodthirsty monsters straight out of mythology. The book is relatively fast-paced and short (only about 320 pages) and most definitely worth a read.
Katelyn, Central Library, 16

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