Teen Library Leadership Council: Landa Teens meet Toronto Teens

Recently, I’ve been in contact with Toronto, Canada’s Leading to Reading program, which is similar to Landa’s tutoring service, except Toronto has a a single focus in reading/ writing.  Their program is well established and they have many great ideas that we have incorporated into our own tutoring program, including reading exercies to maximize comprehenion, as well as log notes for each tutoring session.  I interviewed coordinator, Cathy Thomson about the teaching methods and curriculum used, and Landa Teens and Toronto Teens will discuss the tutoring programs via e-mail soon!  We’re all excited and look forward to this discusssion!

 *Pictures of Landa Council members voting on questions to ask the [Toronto] teens and Hana talking about the upcoming yoga group.P1020793



-Maddie C., 16, Landa Teens Leadership Council


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