Congratulations! Igo Teens are being accepted to their dream universities

It is a great feeling of success when you get accepted into the university of your choice. That feeling is not only great but also extraordinarily successful. This achievement has not only brought me confidence but also proud in the society. In my case I have been accepted to so many universities but the only one that would make me go crazy is the one that wholeheartedly worked hard towards for and always hoped for being accepted. After all my hard work and difficulties, admission into the dream university is worth being paid off for. In result of the face difficulties, hardships, and various other minor achievements, the dream university serves as the result of. In order to achieve this major achievement, it is necessary to take pride and responsibility in the steps taken towards the goal. I have always considered myself a fairly ambitious individual, someone who thrived in the scholastic environment and actually enjoyed writing papers and reading books. So when I approached the college admissions process, I was fairly confident. I was the first to get my recommendation letters, the first to mail my transcripts, the first fill out my applications. As I flipped through the application to my dream school, I came to the college admission essay page. As my eyes scanned the several offered prompts, I began to get anxious. As a result of the questions asked in admission essays, I was stressed out to answer these questions. Finally, after all that hardships of applications, the result came through the mail, and the moment I opened the letter of acceptance, I felt so happy and successful in life. Thanks Igo teen Leadership group for helping  my dreams come true.

Satvik, 17 Igo TLLC

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