Review: The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Review: The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

I’ve put off reviewing this series until Clockwork Princess came out, so now all of you can enjoy this wonderful piece of literature in its entirety (instead of waiting MANY heartwrenching months for the next book). For fans of Cassandra Clare’s other series the Mortal Instruments, this book is kind of the equivalent of a prequel, and, in my humble opinion, about a thousand times better than TMI. But I digress. For people who haven’t read Cassandra Clare’s other books, The Infernal Devices takes place in London circa 1878ish and follows the story of a girl named Tessa Gray, who after heading to London in search of her brother realizes she actually has incredible powers: she has the ability to not only alter her physical appearance to that of another person, she can also access their memories. She (through many events I’m not going to explain here) comes in contact with a group of mostly-humans known as Shadowhunters, or the Nephilim. These part angel (really around 99.9% human) superhumans are trained from a very young age to fight Downworlders (werewolves, vampires, demons, etc) that have broken The Accords.
The sort-of, but not really, supporting characters include Will Herondale, who is not only dashingly handsome but actually reads books! Jem Carstairs, an extremely gifted violinist and Will’s closest (and really only) friend. Henry and Charlotte Branwell, the joint managers of the London Institute. And finally Jessamine Longbranch, an extremely reluctant Shadowhunter.
All in all it’s an incredible series, the characters grow and evolve. The romance doesn’t overpower everything (but don’t worry, there’s lots by Clockwork Princess). And, most of all, they’re beautifully written with an incredible story that keeps you hooked from cover to cover.
-Katelyn, Central Library, 16

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  1. Cheyanne :) Says:

    Ermergerd!!!! Yesh!!!! I love meh some Cassandra Claire… I am mad about the city of bones movie though… Saw trailer… Disappointing… Hmmmm… Idk why I am here… I stumbled across this when looking fer… I don’t even know…

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