Splatter Painting with Tobin Teens

Splatter painting is something you can do anywhere at anytime. When you’re mad you can splatter paint red or blue or whatever color you want. When you’re bored and have nothing to do you can paint. You have paint in your house. Get the paint and splatter paint non-stop. Keep going and splatter. Just don’t touch the painting. You can’t touch the painting. That’s how I was. Keep it and show it to your art teacher. If you’re an artist, hang it on your wall and keep on doing it for a month non-stop and love your work. You just might make something you never saw before.     Tito, 13    





One Response to “Splatter Painting with Tobin Teens”

  1. igolibraryteens Says:

    Abstract expressionism at its best! Jackson Pollock would be so proud. …Good job!

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